Work permit extension - Another Letter from Company

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Work permit extension - Another Letter from Company

Postby lrow on Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:00 pm

Hi ,
I came to Canada last year on a work permit under IT workers program to work for a Software company. I applied for work permit extension online with following documents .

Extension of offer letter .
Initial offer letter of last year
My work permit Copy and other passport copies

I got a call from immigration Dept asking for following letter from my employer.

Letter from company stating
What are my duties ?
Name of client and how many clients I would be working through my Company if there are more than one client ?

The letter which was uploaded in the application form as an offer letter extension already had a high level overview about timeline (work required till next year) and 2 lines about my role,salary, job Title .

Looking at this request I am little worried about these factors .

1. What exactly I should detail out in roles and responsibility considering high level overview was already given ?

2. My company works for End client through an intermediate consulting company (All official contracts are with this intermediate company ) . So what should be my company's client name on the letter ?
Will there be a problem with this kind of arrangement ?

3. There is a slight chance that I might work for a different client after couple of months depending on the length of work remaining for the current client . Will this be a problem ?

4. Would CIC ask for a company-client contract as well at later stage ? Will they issue a shorter Visa looking at contract which is due to expire in 2 months . The general nature is contracts between my company and intermediate company are renewed every 3 months

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