Starting a business/working as a contractor

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Starting a business/working as a contractor

Postby Synergy on Sat Feb 23, 2008 1:46 am

I'm in canada on a 1-year working holiday permit. The nature of my work means I usually am employed as a conractor. I'm reviewing my options for extending my stay. My goal is to start my own business and I could start the process now.

I have 4 months left on my 1 year working holiday visa and I'm wondering whether I can or should do 1 or more of the following.

1. Get one of the companies I do contact work for to sponsor me as an employee (they would be willing).

2. Apply for residency as a 'Self employed person' I'm wondering how long this process takes? My only limitation from what I've read is that it would be hard for me to prove my relevent experience as a self employed person for the past 2 years. What kind of proof would they require? I could provide contacts for previous companies I have done contract work for.

3. Try to get sponsorhip for a new work permit and set up my business and apply for self employed residency during my temporary work visa

4. When my current work visa expires, I can leave the country and return for up to 6 months and do this repeatedly. During this 6 months is it legal for me to still work as a contractor ? as i would technically be self employed? Coud i do this and still set up a business in canada and apply for residency as a self employed person?

FYI I'm a personal trainer and it's very easy to set up a business in this field. I can have private clients as well as work as a contractor.

If noone here can help then please direct me to who could advise me on these quesions.

Any guidance or coments from those with relevant experience would be much appreciated!

Thanks ; )
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Working on a temporary work visa

Postby oliver123 on Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:58 pm

Your post is interesting because I have some of the same questions. I have been working 9 months now on a temp. work permit so I can tell you my thoughts about the experience. As well, I am interested in knowing options how to be able to work as a contractor since my current company has suggested this to me.

It would also make sense in a way that I could start serving other customers on a contract basis as well. So here are my thoughts and experience on the points you were asking about.

1. This is what I have been doing. The only problem and for a company that is used to work with contractors is that they have to pay quite high taxes and thus what ends up in your pocket is not as much. On the other hand, you get a T4 tax form and all is taken care of for you regarding taxes. My question here. How do you do that at the moment. Do you work with an accountant together that takes care of this for you and how much does that cost? I am wonderiing, because my current employer suggested that to me yesterday and I am not sure that if they were to pay me the salary before taxes with charges for an accountant and tax deductions, if it would really benefit me.

2. I have been looking at that, too. The advantage is because you are already in canada, so you can send your application to the canadian office in buffalo/usa. The process usually takes 2-3 years outside of canada, but inside it takes 8-10 months. You can look that up on the immigration office site for buffalo. A friend of mine had this done for her husband and during the visa was processed, you have the right to be in canada, but your status is based on the current visa, meaning you would have to have a work visa if you want to work during that time.

3. See point 2. Your status is based on the visa, not on the PR application.

4. No idea about this part. Wouldnt you have to have a work visa every time you come back?

I am working as an IT professional doing mostly server installations. For what I can tell by now, it seems there are not enough experienced tech guys like me around, so working for other companies/customers would be very easy.

I would like to know how you can work as a contractor and at the same time get a visa to do so. What category is your visa and how long does it take to get such a visa?

Best of luck and thanks for explaining to me a little, then I can explain more from my side....

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Postby scottboarder on Wed Apr 02, 2008 1:44 am

i have exactly the same questions as you, can you tell me if you got any answers regarding this?

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