Rejection Under Medical Grounds/Condition

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Rejection Under Medical Grounds/Condition

Postby Maxim on Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:38 am

I'm looking for some help and advise please.
We are a family of four, myself, my wife & two sons currently New Zealand Citizens in NZ. We applied for PR in April 2007 and as per our telecon with Sydney Office we expect our PR file to open by mid next year and have to file medical & PCC within four months therafter for a PR for the family.
But now the problem is that I was diagnosed with Advanced Cancer in July 2007 but now am technically cancer free after chemo and three surgeries.
I want to know my chances of the success of my PR under this new scenario and would appreciate any options and advise how to go about once they ask for our medicals ? Can they reject me and my family straight since now I had cancer 3-4 months after filing my application (which is already technically treated and I'm cancer free after tretaments) ?
Is there a way for myself or my spouse and my children to get through the PR ?
Any other ideas would be very welcome.....thanks
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Re: Rejection Under Medical Grounds/Condition

Postby David on Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:59 pm

Determination of medical admissibility is made by a Medical Officer in consideration of all available information. It is not possible to absolutely determine this in advance. However, if a condition poses a threat of excessive demand of the Canadian health-care system, is a threat to Canadian public health, or affects employability in your field, then it could be grounds for inadmissibility. If one applicant is found inadmissible in this way, the entire case is generally rejected.
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