My problem, any help/idea's?

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My problem, any help/idea's?

Postby Saintsman on Tue May 27, 2008 5:30 pm

I may be asking the most stupid question but I know nothing about this at all.
My girlfriend lives in Newfoundland and we've decided we want to live together in Canada, I'm not a brain surgeon or anything just a customer service/call centre rep.
I don't have a job lined up as Canada is a little far too go for a 30 minute interview, I want to get there then look for work once we've set up home, I'm from UK, has anyone got any advice how I can begin this new life please, either personal experiance or similar friends experiance?
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Re: My problem, any help/idea's?

Postby Misty on Sun Aug 24, 2008 3:14 am

If you and your girlfriend have lived together for a year at any recent point she can sponsor you as a permenant resident from inside or outside Canada.
I met my husband(A Canadian) online in 2000. In 2004 we FINALLY decided to live together in Canada. I kept renewing my visitors visa and or leaving every 180 days and returning. Each time I stayed gone for several weeks, but i'm from the states and he's a pilot so it was quite easy to go that route. Anywho...we researched the information and found out from the CIC that you just need to have valid proof that you are in a genuine relationship. IE:photos, phone records, gifts, letters from relatives and friends. We ended up marrying before we applied but still had to provide all of that information. Married or common law they like to see evidence of a valid union. There may be other ways for her to sponsor you or for you to apply for a work. I'm sure you've found the CIC website that and the call center are really the only sure way to get the accurate answers i've found. Good luck!!
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