LMO file number/new employer/TFW status

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LMO file number/new employer/TFW status

Postby maui on Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:06 pm

Hello, I have been working here in Edmonton, Alberta for almost 2 years as a TFW. I finished my contract from my employer last April 10, 2010, now, i have a new employer they already applied a request for LMO, and was given a File number.

On May 8, 2010 my actual temporary status will expire so there's a note in my previous work permit that i should leave Canada on May 8.

1. What does a file number mean, is it an assurance for a positive LMO?
2. What will i do so that i can still stay in Canada after May 8 because i want to wait for the approval of the LMO so i can apply for a new work permit?
3. Do i have to leave Canada and wait back home for the new LMO or apply for Visitors visa or anything just not to lose my temporary status?

Thank you so much i know that your advise would be a great help for me and others who are in the same situation.

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Re: LMO file number/new employer/TFW status

Postby David on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:01 pm

A LMO file number is not an indicator of any likely outcome of the application. All cases, those refused and approved, will receive a file number.

If you intend to remain in Canada following May 8, then an inland application for renewal of your work permit or change-of-terms is needed. With such, you benefit from implied status until the decision on the case is rendered. If you seek renewal, you would ideally include evidence of the LMO approval at such time. If you leave Canada, then you may seek a new work permit or entry visa (or visitor record) through normal mechanisms.
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