Labour Market Opinion Processing Time Now 10-12 Weeks

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Labour Market Opinion Processing Time Now 10-12 Weeks

Postby heyfattony on Tue May 01, 2007 2:40 pm

I an Irish Citizen and I've been working in Vancouver for the last 11 months on an under 35 holiday visa. I am a computer programmer and I have a job that has offered me employment for another year.

My employer submitted the LMO form, which was received on April 13th. Today my employer received a fax stating that the processing time has now risen from 4-6 weeks to 10-12 weeks. I am in IT and I fall in to the professions under pressure category, so I hope this helps speed things up.

This leaves me in a bit of trouble as I have to leave the country on may 28th as my current visa expires. I was told that I would have my LMO by that time, but now due to the delays I may not have it in time.

I have a few questions and I'd appreciate any help or advice from people about my situation.

My first question is, when I do get my LMO accepted can I just arrive at vancouver airport and apply for my Visa with only my LMO, along with my supporting documentation (job offer, proof of degree etc)?

Also, would it be possible to enter Canada on a visitors visa until my LMO is processed, and then when it is processed I would cross the border at Seattle, and then turn around and apply for my visa on my re-entry? And if I was to do this, should I explain my situation properly to the immigration officers, or would it be better to just say that I am visiting and I will be only staying a few weeks?

if anyone has recent experience of how long it took their LMO to be processed then please let me know how long it took you. And also if people experienced their application being fast tracked because their job falls under the professions under pressure category, could you please let me know how long it took.

Sorry for the long winded post. I had talked to HR Canada before I applied for my LMO and they said it would only take maximum 4 weeks. So I left 8 weeks to get it done, and now they are saying 10-12 weeks.

I really appreciate any help you could give me.
Thanks in advance.
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Postby BlueHawk on Wed May 09, 2007 5:01 pm

I'm surprised the LMO takes so long. The HRSDC now offers an online LMO application process that they tout as being quicker (reduced processing time). I can't post the U R L but google search for "Introduction to the new FWP Online Application".

You can enter Canada on a visitor's visa as long as you do not perform any work - and you can state where you are staying, who you are visiting, etc. I wouldn't necessarily go into the "waiting for a work permit" discussion. You can then go back across the border to have your work permit processed at an Embassy/Consulate designated as being able to process work permits. There is some risk in this in so far as you are crossing borders and may be denied entry (should there be reason to). However, this is very low risk for returning to Canada as long as you have no problems with getting your work permit.

Good luck with it.
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