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Unless you originally obtained a work permit based on an application that specified multiple locatio...

Posted in Owes W-1 Visa to visit Client A but Need to Visit Client B

Have you tried the instructions supplied by IRCC regarding the Police Certificate from PRC? You may ...

Posted in How can i get a chinese no criminil records for the time i lived in China

A port of entry (including a land border crossing) can be used for [i]new[/i] work permit app...

Posted in Intra company transfer visa extension

Current processing delays for a Restoration application are roughly 60 days. While you can link a pa...

Posted in Nominee Through Out Restoration

Unfortunately, you can only hold a Post Graduation Work Permit once. As you have already had one, yo...

Posted in Expiration of PGWP

Yes, the spouse of a work permit holder can apply inland for her own work permit.

Posted in URGENT - Spouse Open Work Permit

Yes, you are.

Posted in marrying a citizen in canada on work permit visa

There are currently not provisions expediting a work permit for a farm owner. There are a number of ...

Posted in Work visas coming from USA

I would recommend that you carefully review the [url...

Posted in How to obtain a work permit

A new application will be needed to pursue the other work permit application, and such a submission ...

Posted in Second visa permit application